Boot error on my new lappy :(

By resu
Jan 12, 2007
  1. I know i havent posted in a while and im sry, its becuase my life have started to get really hecktic with a new job and me starting uni
    so i really havent had time for much else appart from a new lady aswell ;)

    Im going to start comtributing to this forum as its helped me alot in the past and i fell i want to be a part of this online community :)

    right enough of my srys and excusses
    on with my question

    ive bought a new laptop
    an Acer aspire 5103WLMi im very pleased with it but it has alot of acer crap on it :S i'm not too bothered about that as its not slowing my system as its dual core :D (finally im part of the 64bit revolution lol)

    anywayit crashed on me lastnight because i was an ***** but now i get an error at boot which goes as follows:

    System error: -2146697210.

    Line: 0


    so thats the situation :S

    please could someone help me as its so annoying to have this new laptop with a little error on startup

    i'll be a good boy and contribute more as soon as i get this fixed :D

    thank you for your time
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