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By paulsif
Jan 12, 2006
  1. Hello i have recently purchased a new hard disk (Western Digital WD2000JB SE 200GB 7200RPM ATA/100 8MB Cache) i plugged this into my computer as a slave drive and set my old hard disk (seagate ST31 20022A 120GB) i booted the computer and logged into my windows xp while the start up process was loading the computer crashed and did so every time i booted the computer with the new Western Digital hard disk plugged in. so i turned off the computer and disconected the new hard disk leaving the old one connected this time though i cannot boot my old disk it just keeps flashing the windows xp start up page then reboots i tryed safe mode but same thing happens so now i have formatted my new disk with windows and set up the new disk as master and old disk as slave, i can acess fully the old disk so i dont think the old disk is faulty. i would not be to bothered about it all as i could just format the old disk again but i need to access some files tha are in my old windows folder but cant get in as i need to be logged into that name. Im sorry this is a long winded description but i think its best i write everything down. Does anyone have any idea how to sort out this boot problem or how i can access my files in my old windows username? any help will be greatly apriciated thanks. Paul
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