Boot without integrated USB/PS2

By Scytha87
Feb 18, 2015
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  1. A few days earlier my motherboard's integrated usb slots and the ps2 slot totally go bad. (Because I pluged a flash drive inversly and the back was magnetized...) Front usb-s don't work (never worked, I dont know why). The problem is that I replaced the battery (bad idea I know) and now when I power on the PC a dialog coming to set the time or F1 - continue to windows. But I cant be able to press any button, so I've stucked at this screen. I guessed that I buy a pci usb card, but nothing happened when I power the PC on. I think it needs some kind of driver, but a I cant reach windows (but the description said plug and play...). If I could press F1 the problems are gone, but I couldnt do. Any idea? If a find an absolutely plug and play pci usb card it would be good enough.

    ps:: motherboard type: Asrock Z68 Pro3

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