Bought a new Motherboard, and need some help.

By Kymanis
Jan 2, 2005
  1. I just bought a P4I45GV Motherboard from ASRock.

    This motherboard's manual says that only certain video cards are compatible with it such as a Radeon 9200.

    I've gotten it to work with my Radeon 7200, but when I play most games it is really laggy and jumps.

    It's got 256mb Ram, a Celeron 2.4ghz.

    It's just really confusing and I am wondering if it is just because of the incompatility that would cause the games to run slow... and I'm not talking about brand new games like Half-life2, or Doom3... I'm playing Natural Selection for Half-life one, and Sims2. I can get them to work, but only on the incredibly lowest graphical settings... With my dad's p4 1.8 these games run flawlessly on the highest setting and I know that a celeron 2.4 should run atleast that well...

    So, just wondering if that's it and if I should buy something like a Radeon 9200 to make them run nice and smooth.

    Thanks, Derek.
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