BSOD Bugcheck Windows 2003 Server

By BeulinASC
Aug 4, 2006
  1. Good Morning,
    I reviewed and followed the two posts regarding Server cleanup. I also reviewed our hardware management software and determined that there is no hardware failure occurring. However, I continue to received a BSOD every couple of weeks. The latest occurring this morning. Below is the latest minidump. The bugcheck information is:

    The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was: 0x100000d1 (0x00000008, 0x00000002, 0x00000001, 0xf727a495). A dump was saved in: C:\WINDOWS\Minidump\Mini080406-01.dmp.

    Any and all help is appreciated.

    C:\>dumpchk mini080406-01
    Loading dump file mini080406-01
    **** DebugClient cannot open DumpFile - error 80070002

    C:\>dumpchk mini080406-01.dmp
    Loading dump file mini080406-01.dmp
    ----- 32 bit Kernel Mini Dump Analysis

    MajorVersion 0000000f
    MinorVersion 00000ece
    DirectoryTableBase efa81000
    PfnDataBase 81000000
    PsLoadedModuleList 808af988
    PsActiveProcessHead 808b5ba8
    MachineImageType 0000014c
    NumberProcessors 00000004
    BugCheckCode 100000d1
    BugCheckParameter1 00000008
    BugCheckParameter2 00000002
    BugCheckParameter3 00000001
    BugCheckParameter4 f727a495
    PaeEnabled 00000000
    KdDebuggerDataBlock 8089d3e0
    MiniDumpFields 00000dff

    ServicePackBuild 00000100
    SizeOfDump 00010000
    ValidOffset 0000fffc
    ContextOffset 00000320
    ExceptionOffset 000007d0
    MmOffset 00001068
    UnloadedDriversOffset 000010a0
    PrcbOffset 00001878
    ProcessOffset 00002738
    ThreadOffset 000029b0
    CallStackOffset 00002c00
    SizeOfCallStack 000011e0
    DriverListOffset 000040f8
    DriverCount 00000083
    StringPoolOffset 000067e0
    StringPoolSize 00001258
    BrokenDriverOffset 00000000
    TriageOptions 00000041
    TopOfStack b9273e20
    DebuggerDataOffset 00003de0
    DebuggerDataSize 00000318
    DataBlocksOffset 00007a38
    DataBlocksCount 00000004

    Windows XP Kernel Version 3790 (Service Pack 1) MP (4 procs) Free x86 compatible
    Kernel base = 0x80800000 PsLoadedModuleList = 0x808af988
    Debug session time: Fri Aug 04 04:45:04 2006
    System Uptime: 1 days 11:12:14
    start end module name
    80800000 80a75000 nt Checksum: 0025EC4B Timestamp: Thu Mar 24 17:42:08 2005 (42435E60

    Unloaded modules:
    b3f71000 b3f83000 naveng.sys Timestamp: unavailable (00000000)
    b3f83000 b404c000 navex15.sys Timestamp: unavailable (00000000)
    b3f57000 b3f71000 EraserUtilDr Timestamp: unavailable (00000000)
    b4470000 b4482000 naveng.sys Timestamp: unavailable (00000000)
    b4482000 b454b000 navex15.sys Timestamp: unavailable (00000000)
    b4470000 b4482000 naveng.sys Timestamp: unavailable (00000000)
    b4482000 b454b000 navex15.sys Timestamp: unavailable (00000000)
    b5d70000 b5d82000 naveng.sys Timestamp: unavailable (00000000)
    b5d82000 b5e4b000 navex15.sys Timestamp: unavailable (00000000)
    b9fc4000 b9fc5000 BCMmodemnet. Timestamp: unavailable (00000000)
    b6309000 b6317000 imapi.sys Timestamp: unavailable (00000000)
    ba041000 ba049000 Sfloppy.SYS Timestamp: unavailable (00000000)

    Finished dump check

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