BSOD Debuging

By dab708
Feb 10, 2006
  1. I am trying to debug the bsod for a friends computer. The stop code is 0xc5. I believe that bad memory is the cause. The computer is a 1.8mhz dell dimension 4500s with 128 megs of memory. I have attached 5 copies of the mini dump files.


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    Hello and welcome to Techspot.

    AOLacsd.exe, and ATWPKT2.SYS. Are most likely the culprits. These are both AOL files.

    ATWPKT2.SYS error when booting

    This comes up in a blue Windows 'kiss of death' screen on boot-up and this message appears -


    This is an AOL problem. The computer reboots and reboots and reboots. The solution is to boot in safe mode by pressing F8 during the boot. Delete or rename the files ATWPKT2.SYS and ATWPKT2.VXD which are located in an AOL directory under \PROGRAM_FILES\COMMON_FILES . These are something to do with the AOL dialer. AOL still works if deleted.

    See HERE and HERE for further info.


    An attempt occurred to touch invalid memory at a process IRQL that is too high. This is almost always caused by drivers that have corrupted the system pool. If you’ve recently installed any new software, check to see if it’s properly installed; and check for updated drivers on the manufacturer’s web site.

    Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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    I had uninstalled aol, but this must be leftovers that were not uninstalled eventhough I uninstalled aol.

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