BSOD, now stuck on startup repair

  1. I have a Toshiba Satellite L850 running Windows 8 that is less than a year old. Yesterday I was using my laptop as normal, just on the internet and watching videos when I got the BSOD and the "Kernel stack inpage error" which automatically restarted my laptop. After that I tried to use it as normal again when it started freezing and coming up with other errors relating to wsqmcons.exe and other system files. I ran a virus scan and it found nothing. I got the BSOD again but can't remember if any further messages came up. I was going to try do a memory dump test as other sites had recommended but didn't have a blank CD so shut down my laptop over night. After startup this morning there was a notification that said that there were disk errors and to restart to repair them so I did. The scan and repair screen has been stuck on 100% now for about 2 hours. How long does it usually take? Should I leave it or try to manually reboot it? Do you have any ideas of what could have caused these problems all of a sudden and is there any hope of fixing my laptop while saving my data? My laptop came installed with Windows 8 so I don't have a disk I can boot from. Thanks in advance.
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    The laptop should have recovery options built in... You should be able to perform a "factory" restore

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