BSOD - random messages it seems

By alban
Oct 2, 2006
  1. Hi

    EDIT: I thought putting details in profile would mean they auto appeared - wrong!
    GA-7ZM mobo micro-ATX Via Apollo KT-133 chipset
    448MB SDram pc133 (64+128+256 in 3 slots)
    Athlon 1200 cpu
    WDC 20GB HDD 5,400
    Samsung combo cd-rw
    Enermax PSU 230W - new
    Philips soundcard seismic edge (use O/B sound too for speech input only)
    NVidia Riva TNT2 graphic
    Realtek network card

    Been getting more frequent BSOD over last month. Have read 'stickies' and attempted to implement advice - no help.
    I changed PSU as old one stopped turning on - now new Enermax micro-AT 230W but problem started before that.
    memtest seems OK on 10 passes.
    Not overheating MMM5 says cpu 50-55C. Not o/clocked. GPU - how to read?
    Changed pagefile - no help
    Chkdsk seemed to not report problems - neither did WDC disk-checking S/W
    Event viewer shows Error 1000 and 1001 most commonly in red but not very often and not linked to BSOD it would seem. Can't really see relevance of info from MS!
    Stop messages are not consistent - had IRQL-NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL a couple of times.
    Seems to happen when surfing but then that's the major activity!
    Have sought to update drivers thro Windows update.
    No recent changes to PC that I haven't undone to see if helped
    Thanks for any help. Attached minidump.
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