BSOD visits again

By toothmkr57
Dec 29, 2006
  1. Ok so I was playing Slingo on Second Life tonight when all the sudden, bam. BSOD, restart. Everything loaded back up and of course send error report, to good ole microsoft popped up, and won't go away. It is telling me to update driver or manually decrease acceleration. I am getting 0x0EA Thread stuck in device driver. My Ram (2x512 DDR400) has passed memtest86 but a 1 1/2 months ago, along with a new GPU (MSI Geforce6200). PSU seems to be testing fine (Ultra x-connect 500w). HDD is 2 months old (maxtor sata 200g) The only thing that is kinda old, Maybe back in spring time of '05 is the MB (ECS socket 754 k8m800 v 2.0) Temperatures seem to be right on. Core is 43c It doesn't read teh case right, never has. The diode nearest the GPU is at 60c, which is only about 3-4 degrees above it's normal 56 it generally sits at. Fan speeds are reading normal. Will someone please look at my minidump and see if there is anything unusual?

  2. toothmkr57

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  3. Tmagic650

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    What does the posted article have to do with your BSOD problems? Have you looked for a bios update for your motherboard. Is your copy of Windows fully updated using Windows Update?
  4. toothmkr57

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    Tmagic, yes I have done all the said things from your post. In that article there is a mention of unspecified memory corruption, vulnerability. Could this be why there are an influx of BSOd's and in my case "thread stuck in device driver"???
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