Buring movies to DVD from my Hard Drive

By frasier
Mar 6, 2005
  1. I have several movies on my hard drive and they are taking up lots of my space. I want to burn them to DVDs then delete them but i have a problem. I got them on my hard drive by using MagicDVDripper and DVD decrypter. The movies are generally about 7 or 8 gigabytes, but i only have 4.7 gig DVDs. Is there a program i can use to "re-encode" these movies to mpeg-whatever?

    any info would be appreciated :D
  2. Poochie

    Poochie TS Rookie

    Dvd it, its free
  3. sej

    sej TS Rookie

    DVD Shrink and it is easy to use and is a free down load
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