Burning video files to DVD

By master_mood
Feb 10, 2007
  1. hi..

    i'm using Roxio MyDVD to burn video files to watch on a DVD player..

    however, when i tried to add this video file into the menu, an error popped out saying 'Could not make a thumbnail. Make sure you have the appropriate decoder installed.'

    does anyone know what decode ris required and where i can download this decoder?

    also, is it possible to add this video without the thumbnail image on the menu since i don't have the decoder?

    any help is appreciated, thanks..
  2. SNGX1275

    SNGX1275 TS Forces Special Posts: 10,714   +397

    I'm not familiar with Roxio, but I believe you are going to have to have the decoder to get it to go on the DVD and be viewable on a dvd player. What seems odd here is without that decoder on your system you wouldn't be able to watch the video at all (and I assume you can since you want to burn it).

    There is a program called gspot that is free that will tell you what codec is needed for the video file, so that might be a place to start until someone that knows Roxio better comes along.
  3. master_mood

    master_mood TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 24

    i can watch the video fine and the thumbnail image appears in my folder.. just that it can't be added to the menu in the dvd..
  4. Ipsofacto

    Ipsofacto TS Rookie Posts: 29

    Does the DVD itself you are trying to burn to accept that type of file? What type is it avi ??
  5. master_mood

    master_mood TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 24

    yeah it's avi.. weird eh..
  6. SNGX1275

    SNGX1275 TS Forces Special Posts: 10,714   +397

    You didn't get gspot did you? avi files are just a container for any number of formats. Just saying you have an avi doesn't tell us much, it is important to know what type of video it is specifically so you can do whatever is necessary to get Roxio to use the proper decoder.
  7. Samstoned

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    I have not used roxio,but should be a place in options or config to add codecs to work with the avi.
    if you can play it on machine the codecs are installed
  8. prwsydney

    prwsydney TS Rookie

    Could not make a thumbnail. Make sure you have the appropriate decoder installed

    this is my first post. I found a way to get round this problem. The decoder files *.ax are scattered all over the PC, some are duplicated depending on what applications you have installed. To fix this problem I copied all *.ax files to one folder and eliminated older copies. I then restored files a few at a time to original folders. Each time I verified I could burn the movie file I wanted. Eventually the failure comes back and proves it was that batch that caused the problem. Moved those ones back to temporary folder on another disk until I found and deleted the culprit.Hope this helps, all movies seem to burn OK so no loss of functionality experienced.
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