Buying cpu Case for powering up eVGA7800GT

By paul05
Feb 22, 2006
  1. Im currently using the brand "Just PC" that hold 435 watts, but now that I just got myself a 7800GT eVGA, it require power to that video card. My Just PC case work fine, but after pluging in the power for the video, _NEC dvd, and Hitachi HD, I need more plug(at least 2 more)!!! so that I can have more hard drive storage, I've just research on newegg on some cases, but I don't know which one is good. Sooooooo....I come to techspot(of course) and ask for advice on what case I should get, I need a case with PS and with a price range from $50-75(or 80).


    You can look on what my motherboard I'm using right now...
  2. hewybo

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  3. paul05

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    If you are confuse.....

    To summarize it.........

    if you are confuse about the power plug to the harddrive, video and _NEC, I meant the power plug, my PS gave me 4 power plug, so before I used to have 6600 MSI, I plug one to 5GB Western Digital, 40 Maxtor, 80GB Hitachi, and the _NEC dvd. Now that I just got the eVGA 7800 GT, it require a power plug to that, so...I have to gave up my 40 and 5 GB and plug those into the video card, so now its all been used up...thats why I'm asking for help about looking for a good(however you want to call it) cases that it will leave me 2 power plug from the PS left. WHY?? Because I don't like using one Harddrive, it sucks... I want to have another one extra for data storage
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  5. DonNagual

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    I just re-read....

    You want a case and psu combo for that price? Danger.....

    PSUs that come with cases in general are bad news. Pick the case you like, then buy a separate PSU. There are some exceptions, for example ANTEC.

    Here is the one I have ($99), and I am running the 7800GT on mine beautifully:
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    wow look nice to me :)
    but will it fit any motherboard???
    now I know that general is BAD!!!..ok thanks DonNagual, hm...i think i'll buy the case ^_^ hopefully its roomy
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    The sonataII case? It'll fit any ATX (or micro ATX) motherboard. I actually highly recommend it for the price. It is a very good looking case. The pictures on newegg don't do it justice. The high gloss black finish is extremely elegant. The best looking case I have ever owned (but everyone's taste in cases is different).

    That plus the fact that it comes with a high quality PSU all for under $100 is a great deal. Note: it is not a full tower case though. Only a mid-tower.

    Max capacity is:
    9 Drive Bays:
    - 3 x 5.25" external drive bays (optical drives)
    - 2 x 3.5" external drive bays (floppy)
    - 4 x 3.5" internal drive bays (hard drives)

    If you need more than that, take a look at the P180case. It is about the same price, but doesn't include a PSU. THAT case has more room than you'd ever need, but you gotta pay for it (as you'd have to buy a PSU separate).
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