Can anyone tell me how to play Carmageddon 2 on Windows XP?

By pwab
Aug 1, 2005
  1. hi there; i've got a new laptop with windows XP and installed the game; which was fine, but then when i went to play it, it states 'sorry, not supported on windows NT'. i managed to play this on my pc, which also runs on windows XP, but this won't. if it helps, im running an ATI Radeon Mobility X300, and my pc was a nVidia GeForce 2
  2. pwab

    pwab TS Rookie Topic Starter

    c'mon, someone here must now how its done....please?
  3. Darth_Terra1

    Darth_Terra1 TS Rookie Posts: 212

    it's to do with the file format, the HDD in the laptop is most lilky set to be using NTFS which is a NT file format, whilst your PC HDD is most likly using FAT32, the game needs FAT32 for it to work hence why you gat the error on the laptop, there is nothing you can do except to get some kind of Partitioning software such as Partition Magic and Partition some HDD space on the laptop and convert it to FAt32.
  4. derrycraig

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    Did you try the compatibility wizard? Change the setting to win 98 that usually works for me if i get a Cannot run in WIN NT error using XP
  5. WebNutMark

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