Can computer viruses/wares attach to UNINFECTED mp3/sound/video files?

By maniac_lonestar
Jul 12, 2007
  1. Can virus/spyware/malware apply itself into uninfected sound/video/picture files? Like let's say if I have an mp3 music file, could it be infected with a virus? Because everytime I reformat my computer because of too many viruses, I always backup my newly downloaded media into a hard drive. And let's say I did that, but would the virus still be attached to a media file like the mp3? Cause I don't want to bring back the virus after reformating the whole computer. I do know that exe files can hold viruses but I'm not sure if unaffected/original video/sound files can be attached with viruses.

    Also, is it actually safer to scan computer of viruses spyware malware offline than online?
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