Can H97 M D3H support a LED TV ?

By SUMEDH desai
Aug 12, 2015
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  1. HI this may be a rookie Q.
    I have HP W2072a monitor which I took just as a temp monitor.
    I need a new monitor for:
    1) watching Video lectures all day for now n movies n game of thrones etc
    2) I am also A die hard gamer so for HD MAX resolution gaming in the near future.
    SO mostly home purpose,

    my RIG :
    GIGABYTE H97 M D3H motherboard
    INTEL CORE i3 4150
    nvidia GTS 450 - g card

    Q) with this can I buy a new LED TV (22-32 INCH) as there is HDMI support with the mobo

    BUT technically can it support the TV MONITIOR ? I meanWILL it be compatible ......?
  2. bitrash

    bitrash TS Rookie

    Have you thought about a projector? It's beginning to be a popular thing now especially for all the reasons you mentioned (I.e. gaming, binge watching, etc.) You can get a decent one for the price of a TV and the image size can be enlarged for when you watch movies and your lecture videos. Most of them should be 720p and I would suggest an LED for a better lifespan for when you're ready to upgrade.

    Take a look at some of them, you might like them
    RIF6 Cube
    AAXA ST200
    Magnasonic Mini Portable Pico Video Projector

    It has an HDMI output also so you'll be able to play games on it no problem when you're ready. Hope that helps.

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