Can I make an INTERNAL hard drive EXTERNAL?

By foycur
Dec 17, 2005
  1. I have been wanting to get an external hard drive to back up data for both my desktop and my wife's laptop, but they're just so doggone expensive. A friend told me that I can buy an internal hard drive with some sort of a case, get a PCI card with an external SATA hookup, and I'm good. I figure this would be cheaper (and a smaller profile to boot). I've already got Acronis True Image so I don't need any backup software. What do I need to look for when I'm shopping for stuff? I'm looking for at least 300 GB
  2. werty316

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    Yeah just buy an external HD enclosure and bingo instant portable HD. Most of them use PATA IDE HDs and USB to connect to a PC.
  3. Vigilante

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  4. foycur

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    two of the three you recommended only support IDE drives, and one seems to be designed for CD/DVD writers. I'm looking specifically for an external enclosure for a SATA drive.
  5. Samstoned

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    does it really matter just about made in china
    look here this should do it sata enclosure
  6. Vigilante

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  7. Tedster

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    absolutely. I'm using one now. You have to by a USB to IDE converter. You can get them for about $20 on ebay brand new. They come with a power adapter and a USB cable that ends in a IDE connector. Most good kits also come with a 3.5 inch converter.

    You can fabricate a container from some wood.
    I simply use the device as an ultra large USB drive to transfer files from computer to computer.

    oops - you were looking for SATA.... I'm sure they have them also.
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