Can You activate a copy of windows 7service pack 1 with older version's activation keys?

  1. Hey Guys ! I updated my windows 7 professional with service pack 1 during my trial period without activating it first, now all my keys are not working ! could it be possible this is due to my service pack 1 being installed prior to activating it ?
  2. jannatul18

    jannatul18 TS Member Posts: 21

    It may be the reason. And I dont think its possible in any way to activate new copy with the older one but yes I am not sure about it!
  3. Vince425

    Vince425 TS Rookie

    Did you use the activation keys on another computer?
    Perhaps you may be able to use it, provided that key is intended for multiple computers. But if it is only intended for 1 computer and it's already been used, then you can no longer use it for another computer.
  4. jannatul18

    jannatul18 TS Member Posts: 21

    Thank you for clarifying the idea. Now I got it.

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