Cannot access Windows XP due to virus

By Flamegod7
Oct 2, 2009
  1. Hello, a virus (backdoor possibly) infected my computer to the point where I couldn't boot it up (a blue screen of death would appear, preventing me from logging in). Not even through Safe mode could I access the login screen; it would give me the very inconvenient 'NTLDR is compressed. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart' message. I even tried the Windows option, 'restore computer to a previous point', but that didn't work. I decided to run the system recovery option by pressing F11. It prompted me to insert my computer's recovery disk (emachines system recovery CD/DVD for Windows XP Home Edition).

    There were 2 options on the disk 'full recovery (destructive)' and 'full recovery (with backup)' and I chose the second, obviously. I let the disk run and eventually it succeeded and rebooted my computer. I took the disk out after it was done. Once my computer loaded up it stopped at the 'NTLDR is compressed' message again, leaving me no other choice but to turn off the computer.

    Now I can't access the Windows options screen that lists: safe mode, windows restore from a previous point, etc. The only accessible options are the computer's bios and boot options (including the system recovery with F11). I did hear about other people getting the 'NTLDR is compressed' message and that a Windows XP CD was needed in order to return their computers to normal, but in my case I have no such CD (my computer was pre-installed with XP Home by the manfacturer) and have a virus on my computer.

    I really want to keep my files and documents on my hard drive since I care more about the drive than I do about the computer. Any help would be much appeciated!
  2. Tmagic650

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    You are going to need a Windows XP install CD
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