Cant browse web, stuck on AV site

By faceman
Jun 30, 2010
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    Hi Folks!
    I have 0 cpu skills and I appreciate all of your help and this site. Yesterday I was streaming a movie from and I got a bunch of pop ups and then I was redirected to the AV site.
    Now I can not go to any sites on that laptop. It immediately takes me there and says yspservice.exe is infected would you like to reactivate blah blah blah $69.95.

    Is there a way I can fix this without spending the money?
    I apologize if this is a very common post. I saw some topics that looked similar but I didnt want to try anything that may add to my problem without being sure first.

  2. Bobbye

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    Domain names that were seized included,,,,,,, and, the federal officials said.


    Battle against online piracy heats up

    0 CPU skiils is not excuse for stealing. We don't handle piracy.
  3. faceman

    faceman TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks Bobbye,
    That doesnt fix my problem. The movie I was searching for is Glen Gary, Glen Ross.. a hard to find sales film from the late 80's... Its not like I was downloading The Karate Kid or something that just came to theatres.
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