Can't complete full virus scan without computer crashing

By Novalyfe
Nov 1, 2014
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  1. So I've recently had some issues with a laptop of mine and in turn had to conduct multiple virus/malware scans. All of which scans were completed sucessfully, yet when I attempt to do even a quick non-full system scan with avast, my computer blue screens and restarts.

    perhaps theres a way to check which file was loaded/scanned before the crash?

    I apologize for multiple threads regarding my discrepancies, but im just trying to get my laptop into a reasonaby fully functional state considering I dont have the funds for a new one.
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    Since this is not malware related I'm moving this topic to Windows forum.
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    First, get rid of all the temp files, which will create more freespace and reduce the number of files being scanned.
    Use Start->search and enter CLEANMGR and hit enter. Once found dbl-click and let it run and delete.

    Do it again, but using an admin login like this:
    get the command prompt and enter RUNAS /USER:ADMINISTRATOR CLEANMGR
    provide the admin password and let that run.

    Now determine how much freespace you have on the HD
    dbl-click on Computer and you will see TOTAL and FREE space

    How much is there compared to the total?

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