cant copy my dvds with nero 7 ultra. !HELP!

By neild79
Jul 15, 2006
  1. i recently purchased nero 7 ultra, + im having problems copying my dvd collection. i have about 300 dvds + all my friends + family borrow a few now + again. usually when i get them back they are scratched or i dont get them back. i thought if i bought nero7 it would solve my problems, + i could keep the originals in good condition. its actually added to the problem as the manual isnt very clear in explaining how to copy my dvds. i also have sonic7 but couldnt get that to copy dvds either. the only thing that let me copy them was clonedvd2 with dvdregion + css free. i also have virtual clone drive +dvdshrink v3.2. can someone please shed some light on how to copy dvds with nero7? im ready for taking it back to the shop(pcworld) + sticking with clonedvd2 + dvdregion + css free. i would be greatful for some help as i dont know where to go from here. thank you
  2. fastco

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    If you have Nero installed on your computer and DvdShrink all you need to do is open the dvd with DvdShrink, reauthor pick the main movie, then click backup and choose your dvd burner as the location then click OK and DvdShrink will do all the work. You don't even have to open Nero.
  3. neild79

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    thanks regarding nero7

    thank you for your help regarding nero 7 ultra. ill give it a try + lrt you know if it works.
  4. blue_dragon

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    another suggestion

    in nero express, i think it gives you the option of making an exact copy
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