can't even boot into safe mode

By sofnit
Apr 8, 2007
  1. I just came from a trip and as I turned on my notebook I found it didn't boot. It loaded, then the blue screen where the window requesting the password shows up, but a black one with white letters (saying STOP followed by a lot of zeros) flashes and it reboots. I've tried booting into safe mode, but the exact same thing happens, and i've tried booting from the windows sp2 cd, but i can't seem to do that on the bios (all i can do is activate booting from cd or deactivate it). Plus, i'm not even sure it's the right cd. I don't know that much about computers but i can usually fix software problems, yet this one has got me down.
    I really wanted to finish Grim Fandango. Please give me something.
    You can also reach me at

    Thanks in advance.
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    - What were you trippin' on?
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