Can't find Bootmgr

By Depep
Feb 22, 2011
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  1. I am running Windows 7 Professional on a desktop tower; Processor is Intel Pent. (R) 4, CPU 2.40, Installed Memory = 2.00 GB. i can't boot, get error saying "Can't find Bootmgr", "Press Ctrl,Alt,Del to restart". So I do, then it wants a OS disk which I do not have. I had made a repair disc at one time, so i insert that, restart and it will boot after a while. How can I fix this bootmgr problem? I do not have the OS disc because I got this system from a friend who moved away.
  2. Mark56

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    It sounds to me as if you may have a boot sector virus. There are a couple of things you can try. First download this to create an anti virus rescue disc, all the instructions are on the site.

    Your second choice would be to borrow a Windows 7 Professional disc from a friend and then you can use that to run an "Upgrade(repair)" install or a complete reinstallation using the licence key you already have.

    If you do not have your key you can use this to find it before you reinstall.
  3. Depep

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    Can't find Boot Mgr Reply

    Hi Mark56 - thanks for the reply. I will try your first suggestion since that is all I can do. I would love to borrow a Windows 7 CD from a friend, problem is, I don't know anyone that has one! I have been booting up via a Repair disc that i had made, but I know that is a temp bandaid. Will get back to you after I try your first idea.
  4. Mark56

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    OK, fingers crossed, if a virus is found it can be cleanly removed and then the PC will boot. if you have a boot sector virus, that after removal it may still not work and will require repair to the Master Boot Record. Not sure if your repair disc can do this, will it allow you to boot into the Recovery Console?

    Let me know what happens.
  5. Depep

    Depep TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Boot mgr missing

    Hi Mark56,

    No, repair disc will not allow me to load the console I can only get to my login screen. I am going to borrow a Window 7 disc from a friend later today, so i will let you know what happens. Thanks for all of your help - your great!
  6. Depep

    Depep TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Windows 7 - Can't find boot mgr

    Hi Mark56,

    Sorry but i have been ill a few days and have not gotten to try each suggestion you had for me. i will back on it in a day or two. Just did not want you to think that i forgot your helping me.

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