cant get anyone to see my dedicated mohaa sp demo server

By chadro
Jan 3, 2004
  1. I have a problem getting my server to be visible to the outside world. The game is Medal of Honor Allied Assualt Spearhead Demo. Here is my setup. I have my secondary computer running the server. My Primary computer is the internet host. There are no firewalls present in either puter.Now my primary computer can find the server as a LAN server and can join the game. But thats it,,it goes no farther than the 2 computers. THe game dont even have a LAN option anyway. I have my netspeed in the game set to ISDN. The secondary computer can even join its own dedicated server too,,,but again as a LAN server. What can I do to be able to let others see my server?
  2. LNCPapa

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    no need to replicate this thread - if you feel it's fallen by the wayside then just give it a bump. I've deleted your identical thread already. If you have any different information they post a followup.
  3. Supra

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    You need to open the ports listed on This Page on your primary PC and have them pass thru to your PC running the server. I dont know exactly how to do it without a router(very easy) but i'm sure there is a way of doing it
  4. chadro

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    cool,,,,thanks,,,ill give this a try
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