Can't open pictures burned on DVD+RW..Help!

By LaurieMichelle
Mar 14, 2007
  1. I had an Emachine's computer and I would transfer the pictures from my Kodak digital camera into the Kodak Software and then burn it to disc. I burned the last batch of them onto a DVD+RW using Roxio easy cd creator. My emachine computer crashed and so now I bought a new HP Pavillion computer and I put the DVD+RW in to reload them on this computer and it shows to be a blank disc and won't recognize there is stuff on the disc. I put it in a DVD player and the pictures show up. So it has me puzzled.. What could be the problem and how do I get to those pictures again? I don't have any other copies of these pictures and I have to be able to make another copy somehow. My new computer is running Windows XP media center edition and does not have Roxio on it. Thanks!!

  2. sghiznaneck

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    A common problem with CDR-W and DVD-RW drives is that since they are rewritable, they usually can only be read by the same drive they were burned on. Every experience that I have had with rewritable drives has ended with the same result, only able to be read by that same drive that burned them. I don't believe it is the drive as much as it is the media (the blank rewritable disks themselves).
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    So are you saying if I put the Sony burner (the one I used to burn the disc) back in my new computer and put the disc in that drive to read it, I should be able to see the pictures then? So as long as I don't use a rewritable CD or DVD I should be fine next time around?
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