Capricorn Technologies Completes Shipment of 1 Petabyte System to Internet Archive

By Julio Franco
Jun 22, 2005
  1. San Francisco, CA, June 22, 2005 Capricorn Technologies announced today that it has reached a major milestone by completing the shipment of a full petabyte of PetaBox products to the Internet Archive. Coming less than nine months after shipment of its first products, this installation has proven that Capricorn Technologies' family of PetaBox products delivers a scalable solution for massive data storage.

    At today's leading-edge disk densities, a petabyte is over 600 clustered storage computers with 2500 spinning disks. As such large-scale installations become more prevalent, greater emphasis must be focused on reducing operating costs. By consuming a mere 50kW per PB the PetaBox is well ahead of the curve.

    The Internet Archive, which initially commissioned Capricorn to develop this technology, is a non-profit organization seeking to provide universal access to all human knowledge. It is an online digital library with very large collections that include audio, video, texts, web sites and software. The Archive now offers over 20,000 live concerts and has been archiving the internet since 1996. It currently hosts over 40 billion web pages.

    Capricorn Technologies Inc. was founded in 2004 and provides petabyte-class storage solutions to organizations worldwide. Capricorn's PetaBox technology grew out of a search for high density, low cost, low power storage systems for the world's largest data collections.
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