CD Printing Software?

By IPEX computing
Dec 3, 2006
  1. Hi

    I need to design a CD cover but i can't seem to find any software for it. I need to be able to use the program to design the CD cover and use it to print onto the CD aswell.

    any recommendations. price is not a problem


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    Get a printer that can print on CDs, such as the Canon PIXMA IP4000 and IP5000.
    They allow you to print CDs in colour, using their own software.
    If you live in the USA, you will need to order the UK-version through, as the US-models do not include this tray.
    If you have such a Canon printer already, check eBay for 'ip4000 cd tray' to get the parts aftermarket.

    For standalone labels I recommend the Surething CD Labeler program.

    The 'Lightscribe' technique on some CD-writers is still in its infant shoes and only prints grey-shades.
  4. IPEX computing

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    already got a litescribe drive and use it a lot. but thanks for the other info.

    cheers james
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