By akaivan
Feb 22, 2006
  1. Hey im new with building computers and i was hoping to build another one soon. Im only 15 so im on a low budget so im goin with a celeron. Why are celerons so cheap?? Are they as good as a p4?thanks for looking :)

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    They are so cheap because they operate a slower speed than Pentiums. Good starter but you'll get frustrated if you're used to working with P's. :cool:
  3. akaivan

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    Is there a big difference?? And im currenntly on a p3 1 ghz. Would a celeron 2.5 ghz be faster than im currently on??

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    Might be about the same speed. Maybe a tic faster.:cool:
  5. akaivan

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    O so its not really worth buying? i wanted a gaming comp so celeron is not the way to go?

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    NO WAY! You'll want a P4 or higher with a decent 128MB (minimum) graphics accelerator card and 512MB RAM. Anything lower wont run worth a darn.:cool:
  7. Julio Franco

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    Akaivan, do not post threads with titles in caps or special characters, that will simply force us to remove your posts.
  8. akaivan

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    sorry juio. didnt know.
  9. crossedup

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    Celerons are P3 and P4 cpus which have half, and sometimes less, the the onboard cache of thier big brothers.

    You should notice the differance between a PIII 1000 and a Celeron 2.4 if not just from the increase in FrontSideBus speed. A P3 had 256 onboard cache and a FSB of 133 as opposed to the celeron 2.5 onboard cache of 128 and quad pumped FSB of 100x4.

    The celeron would use DDR ram as well as opposed to the P3's sdram.

    If you need it for games you will want a P4, if it is just for basic use, a celeron will fit the bill just fine.

    My $.02.

  10. akaivan

    akaivan TS Maniac Topic Starter Posts: 470

    O ok i got it. Thanks all for helpin :slurp: :slurp: :)
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