Changing "DWORD" text color in a prog

By Call me -E-
May 30, 2007
  1. I have this trvia bot (inserts trvia questions into a given chat program) and i have gone throughout the files and have seen where it says "dword" but what i dont see is where they put their "color code" The thing is set to some annoying blue and i cant figure out where to change it. under the file im opening it has a sub-line called "H file" is this a help file telling me how the programmer structured the prog, and im in the wrong place? Below is what im seeing. I dont get it, this may even be the wrong place for this thread. Maybe I need a programmer's help... calling all proggies !

    #define BOT_EVENT_ROOM_TEXT 0x0406
    // room text
    // nickname std::string 0x01
    // text std::string 0x02
    // attributes BYTE 0x03
    // size BYTE 0x04
    // color DWORD 0x05
    // effects DWORD 0x06
    // charset BYTE 0x07
    // pitch and family BYTE 0x08
    // font name std::string 0x09

    Thanks a lot from your newest poster -E-
  2. Nodsu

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    The syntax colouring is done by the specific text editor you use. If you were so kind and actually told us what program you are using, then we might be able to help you.
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