Changing ram didn't help with bsod

By frozen
Apr 27, 2007
  1. Hi,

    Sorry that I'm postin new thread but i still have problems. Please don't delete it. I need to do something bout it till tomorow cause its the last days shops will be opened. After that we have a week holiday in my country and probably all shops will be closed.

    My comp still restarts every few minutes eventho i bought a new ram today. I also cleaned all parts inside a computer. It might not be a best cleaning cause the only thing i had to do that was a vacuum cleaner.

    Its still the same, still bsod with 'page fault in nonpaged area'.

    Can you please help me?

    Thank you
  2. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,966   +70

    Attach your minidumps.
  3. frozen

    frozen TS Rookie Topic Starter

    here's few last minidumps
  4. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,966   +70

    All five dumps say the same thing:Could not read faulting driver name. Most likely caused by ntoskrnl.exe. Error 0x50. Maybe the following will help:

    Stop 0x00000050 or PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA

    The Stop 0x50 message indicates that requested data was not in memory. The system generates an exception error when using a reference to an invalid system memory address. Defective memory (including main memory, L2 RAM cache, video RAM) or incompatible software (including remote control and antivirus software) might cause Stop 0x50 messages.

    Possible Resolutions:

    • If you added new hardware recently, remove and replace the hardware to determine if it is causing or contributing to the problem. Run diagnostics software supplied by the hardware manufacturer to determine if the component has failed.

    • Stop 0x50 messages can also occur after installing faulty drivers or system services. If the file name is listed, you need to disable, remove, or roll back that driver. If not, disable the recently installed service or application to determine if this resolves the error. If this does not resolve the problem, contact the hardware manufacturer for updates. Using updated drivers and software is especially important for network interface cards, video adapters, backup programs, multimedia applications, antivirus scanners, and CD mastering tools. If an updated driver is not available, attempt to use a driver from a similar device in the same family. For example, if printing to a Model 1100C printer causes Stop 0x50 errors, using a printer driver meant for a Model 1100A or Model 1000 might temporarily resolve the problem.
  5. frozen

    frozen TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I couldn't search for that file 'ntoskrnl.exe' to see what its for, cause windows exporer search causes bsod verytime i try it.

    I don't have any new hardware, only ram that i added today. But this problem started few days ago so its not it.

    I will write exacly how it started so maybe this will give us some tips.
    I noticed that there was something wrong with open office that i had and i wanted to uninstall it to install it again. During uninstall bsod happened first time.
    Then i thought that it might be some windows error cause i had a lot of windows error before so i decided to reinstall windows. Didn't want to lose all settings in programs i have, i just installed windows on the ones i had. During install 3 files coudn't be copied from cd. I have no idea why, cd doesn't have even one scratch. So with this 3 files i installed windows.

    I don't have any new software, all programs i have i have for a long time and using it every day.
    I installed usb scanner and fine reader more then 2 weeks ago, but i already used it many times and it was fine.
    I had nod32 antyvirus but installed it 2 days ago, after bsod started appearing.
    After it started i installed all windows updates and windows defender.

    Just to be sure i will uninstall scanner.

    Are there any other things that might cause that? Like those 3 files missing from windows installation? Or maybe something else.

    Someone told me that its most probably mainboard error and that i have to buy a new one. That would be very bad :( I don't have so many funds atm. Could it be realy it?

    Thank you for your help. Please guide me to solve this problem.
  6. frozen

    frozen TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Okay i know what is that file 'ntoskrnl.exe' you mentioned.
    Its from Service Pack 212 7 2006 18:17:07.500
    in \WINDOWS\system32\ntoskrnl.exe
    file version: 5.1.2600.2622 (xpsp_sp2_gdr.050301-1519)
  7. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,966   +70

    Well if you got files missing that certainly could be the issue. Remember, the dumps keep referring to memory issues somewhere. It could be your video card RAM.

    If I am understanding you correctly, these problems were prior to when you went to unistall Open Office, correct? I am wondering if Windows is not playing nice with Open Office and vice-versa.

    Here is an idea, there are probably Open Office forums. I suggest going there and give them what happened with your latest while keeping us up-to-date.

    Also, can you list your system specs, including what OS your are using?
  8. Tedster

    Tedster Techspot old timer..... Posts: 6,000   +15

    yep. For starters read the upgrading ram guide in the guides forum.
  9. frozen

    frozen TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Only the first installation of windows was okay. First that i did right after i bought it. Later i tested several antivirus software and some on then after unistall crashed system so i had to install windows again. And on every installation some files were missing.

    First i had problems with Open Office, i couldn't save files and when tried saving error pop up. But that was OO error not windows. Teh when i was uninstalling OO was the first time i had bsod.

    I had OO few months now and i think that it has everything that ms office plus its free. But they are very unstable under windows, like they are not compatibile or something.

    I went to start -> programs -> accesories - > system utils -> system info

    In general info i have:
    MS Windows CP Home Edition
    Version: 5.1.2600 SP2 2600
    Bios: Phoenix Technologies version 2.2

    and some more - didn't know if i should paste everything.

    In one of tabs i have 'Conflicts/Sharing' (it might be a different name its my free translation from my language):

    Port In/Out 0x00000000-0x00000CF7 PCI
    Port In/Out 0x00000000-0x00000CF7 DMA

    Port In/Out 0x000003C0-0x000003DF Intel(R) 82865G/PE/P/GV/82848P Processor to AGP Controller - 2571
    Port In/Out 0x000003C0-0x000003DF RADEON 9250

    Memory address 0xE8000000-0xF7FFFFFF Intel(R) 82865G/PE/P/GV/82848P Processor to AGP Controller - 2571
    Memory address 0xE8000000-0xF7FFFFFF RADEON 9250

    Port In/Out 0x00009000-0x00009FFF Intel(R) 82865G/PE/P/GV/82848P Processor to AGP Controller - 2571
    Port In/Out 0x00009000-0x00009FFF RADEON 9250

    IRQ 16 RADEON 9250
    IRQ 16 Intel(R) 82801EB USB Universal Host Controller - 24D2
    IRQ 16 Intel(R) 82801EB USB Universal Host Controller - 24DE

    IRQ 18 Intel(R) 82801EB USB Universal Host Controller - 24D7
    IRQ 18 Realtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC

    Memory address 0xA0000-0xBFFFF Magistrala PCI
    Memory address 0xA0000-0xBFFFF Intel(R) 82865G/PE/P/GV/82848P Processor to AGP Controller - 2571
    Memory address 0xA0000-0xBFFFF RADEON 9250

    Port In/Out 0x000003B0-0x000003BB Intel(R) 82865G/PE/P/GV/82848P Processor to AGP Controller - 2571
    Port In/Out 0x000003B0-0x000003BB RADEON 9250

    Video Card:
    RADEON 9200 Series AGP (0x5960), ATI Technologies Inc.

    Under memory i have:
    0xF8000000-0xF9FFFFFF Intel(R) 82865G/PE/P/GV/82848P Processor to AGP Controller - 2571 OK
    0xE8000000-0xF7FFFFFF Intel(R) 82865G/PE/P/GV/82848P Processor to AGP Controller - 2571 OK
    0xE8000000-0xF7FFFFFF RADEON 9250 OK
    0xE0000000-0xE7FFFFFF Intel(R) 82865G/PE/P/GV/82848P Processor to AGP Controller - 2571 OK
    0xF9000000-0xF900FFFF RADEON 9250 OK
    0xF0000000-0xF7FFFFFF RADEON 9250 - Secondary OK
    0xF9FF0000-0xF9FFFFFF RADEON 9250 - Secondary OK
    0xFC000000-0xFC0003FF Intel(R) 82801EB USB2 Enhanced Host Controller - 24DD OK
    0xFB000000-0xFB0000FF Realtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC OK
    0xFFB80000-0xFFBFFFFF Intel(r) 82802 OK
    0xFC001000-0xFC0011FF Realtek AC'97 Audio OK
    0xFC002000-0xFC0020FF Realtek AC'97 Audio OK
    0x0000-0x9FFFF Płyta systemowa OK
    0xFEC00000-0xFEC00FFF Mainboard OK
    0xFEC01000-0xFED8FFFF Mainboard OK
    0xFEE00000-0xFEE00FFF Mainboard OK
    0xFFB00000-0xFFB7FFFF Mainboard OK
    0xFFF00000-0xFFFFFFFF Mainboard OK
    0xA0000-0xBFFFF PCI OK
    0xA0000-0xBFFFF Intel(R) 82865G/PE/P/GV/82848P Processor to AGP Controller - 2571 OK
    0xA0000-0xBFFFF RADEON 9250 OK
    0xC0000-0xDFFFF PCI OK
    0xD0000-0xD3FFF Mainboard OK
    0xE0000-0xEFFFF Mainboard OK
    0xF0000-0xF7FFF Mainboard OK
    0xF8000-0xFBFFF Mainboard OK
    0xFC000-0xFFFFF Mainboard OK
    0x100000-0x1FFEFFFF Mainboard OK
    0x1FFF0000-0x1FFFFFFF Mainboard OK
    0x20000000-0xFEBFFFFF PCI OK

    Do you need any other info ? Is so just tell me what.
    Can it be true what someone told me that it might be mainboar error?
  10. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,966   +70

    A couple of things that catch my attention:

    1. You've tried several different anti-virus programs. I am suspicious of the possibility that not all files were uninstalled and that alone could cause issues. Two anti-vruses at the same time is not good. If you tried Norton then I am really suspicious. If you did have Norton see the Sticky under the Security and Web forums on how to fully uninstall

    By the way, I have NOD32 and love it.

    2. Look at your issues with Open Office. Something is not playing nice. There is a reason it was unstable. I know it is free but it does take tweaking to make it run.

    3, How old is your video card? I myself have the 9200 in my second, older P3 system. If the video RAM is going that may be your issue. ATI, I believe, has a free utility to see how your vid card is doing.

    4. Worst Case Scenario: Reformat the harddrive. Start over fresh and install XP and your hardware that you know are solid. Also, then find a anti-virus that you like and stick to it. There are good free ones. There are also good free firewalls as well.
  11. frozen

    frozen TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yes i tried many but it was a long time ago, right before first install of xp. I know that some files might be left, but if that was the case shouldn't error happen a lot ealier? I nad Norton too, i will read that sticky.

    Now i'm using nod32 too ^^. I think its one of the best. It can be on all the time and don't slow down my comp.

    Around 3 years old. I will try to find that utility. Now its morning so its time for me to get some sleep. I will do that right after i wake up and will write results here.

    If i won't be able to find utils to test vid card or if there won't be any errors there i will have to do that. Do i have to reformat my entire harddrive, can't it be just C: partition ?

    In MS Help Center i found that in system info can be checked if there is a problem with memory and that i should check total and avaliable memory.
    My total memory is - 512, avaliable memory - 299. Is that okay ?
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