Changing the screen resolution via the registry in XP. Is it doable? (How?)

By cbunes
Feb 18, 2005
  1. Hi.

    I'm trying to help out a friend with his PC that's gotten into a rather bad state. The PC (running XP SP2) won't start up properly (not even in safe mode) because the screen resolution is set so that the screen simply responds 'out of range' when trying to load XP. I'm trying to salvage what's on the computer, so starting fresh with a clean install won't help much. Also I haven't got a large enough disk of my own to be able to perform a proper backup of the files. (I've read the post on how to recover a faulty install of XP in here, but am still trying to see if there are any other ways to sort this out.)

    So: I've connected the disk in question as a slave on my PC and I'm now wondering if it is at all possible to edit the registry on that HDD. Any other solutions would be greatly appreciated too.


    [Update: I've just performed a complete reinstall of the system instead, but if anyone should still know howto, I'd appreciate any pointers. :)]
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