Changing video card bios in msdos on windows xp home.

By hursty
Mar 2, 2005
  1. Ok long story short, I have a geforce fx5200 and it will freeze ingame. I heard it's because of the newest drivers. I hear lots of people have this problem but someone told me if you update your video card bios everything is fixed. So begins the 5 hour journey tonight, I'm at the part where I install the windows boot disk to load msdos because windows xp does not have msdos. I have to type in some commands to reflash the bios. Problem is it does not recognize drive C:\ so i cannot type vgabios -fbios.rom. It says something about there not being a Fat32 or fat partition? Please someone help me, all I want to do is play my game without it freezing.
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