CIF single chip driver for webcam

By bhu
Jul 19, 2006
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  1. 4goTTen21

    4goTTen21 Newcomer, in training

    Hi people! I'm 4goTTen21 from Argentina. Let me tell you that I have all the f***! drivers for CIF Single Chip (SoC PC-Camera) and my webcam still unworkable, first I Can Install the driver's installer but when I'm Installing the hardware (at the moment that windows configures ks.sys it stop and says: "Datos no validos" that means in English "No Valid Data". Give me a solution Please! My OS is Xp Pro 32 bits My Mail Is email removed. If someone wants the drivers, mail me.
  2. anthony797

    anthony797 Newcomer, in training


    little help with my cam i have all the things but it says i need CIF FOR AVI to work no help from google its a vivicam.10
  3. tomcat_ibm

    tomcat_ibm Newcomer, in training

    saying hello to our community in our Introductions forum.
  4. s.n.suresh

    s.n.suresh Newcomer, in training

    driver for cif single chip

    i need driver for cif single chip
  5. wildwoodnj

    wildwoodnj Newcomer, in training


    I just got my new Web Cam. and would you belive it came with a disk and it does not work. no matter what I do. If there is some one out there that can help me. Please replay
  6. tetogarnana

    tetogarnana Newcomer, in training

    go to Driver PLZ
  7. maor_e30

    maor_e30 Newcomer, in training

    driver problems

    i can't use my webcam .i need the CIF SINGLE CHIP DRIVER FILE inorder to use my webcam.
    with regards
  8. natrajdeep

    natrajdeep Newcomer, in training


    i want to the software
  9. megadimanzoor

    megadimanzoor Newcomer, in training


    Hi friends..
    Can any one help me please. I have a webcam, whose driver is lost during the recent reinstallation of window Xp. And I couldnt even find my driver CD for this web cam. When ever I plug on my webcam to my computer, it asks for driver "CIF Single Chip". So if any one has this driver, please send it to me via the email address given below.

    not ignor this message

    email removed
  10. sai18

    sai18 Newcomer, in training

    hi friends

    i lost my CIF single chip web cam drivers cd.........plz send me those drivers to my ID.......i will be glad and very thankfull if you send me the drivers..please do mail me the id isemail removed
  11. Yellowman18

    Yellowman18 Newcomer, in training

    CIF Webcam Driver

    I am a newbie on site... I have the same problem that I cannot find the CIF Webcam driver having missplaced the original CD.

    I have seen someone kindly posted a RAR attachment with this driver... :giddy:

    Unfortunately I do not have the RAR decompresser. :mad:

    Is there anyway I can obtain this WEBCAM CIF Single Chip Driver without RAR?



  12. KNIGHT

    KNIGHT Newcomer, in training

    thank you h am downloading
    i hope this what i want
  13. jbeels

    jbeels Newcomer, in training

    My Cam

    Go to Driver and search for the P44417 driver. It is updated and supports webcam properly now.
  14. MONTIA

    MONTIA Newcomer, in training

    hel cif chip for lightwave ic 100

    please send the software to me i just need it badly yeah pls email it to me on email removed
  15. howard_hopkinso

    howard_hopkinso Newcomer, in training Posts: 25,948   +19

    Threads merged.
  16. BenMarshall

    BenMarshall Newcomer, in training

    Driver Download

    Hi All,

    Found your post on Techspot, I have the driver you require but cannot guarantee it will work and I am not liable for any possible damages caused to your computer by you installing this self extracting driver package but I will certify that it is Virus and Spyware free!

    I exported it via Driver Genius Professional when I backed up my PC, since wiping it and losing the disk for webcam I managed to reinstall it using my backup.

    Please see link to download,link removed click here [/URL] or copy and paste the following into your web browserlink removed

    Uncheck where it says pc name, just select the “Imaging Devices” and any sub devices and click Restore, Re-boot the pc and all should be good!

    Created on Windows XP Home Edition SP2 may work on Pro?

    Kindest Regards,

    Ben Marshall.
  17. thebestengineer

    thebestengineer Newcomer, in training

    thx thx thx so much Verman;Im studying electronic engineer but ı am interested in computer more:)and working compiter holding for summer so ı had to find this driver:)thank u very removed
    if u wanna speak about computer and engineering u can add me !!!everyoneeeee:)byesss
  18. hmad

    hmad Newcomer, in training

    thanx you allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
  19. kumarnikky

    kumarnikky Newcomer, in training

    Vendor 093A ProductID 2468\5

    hello sir plz help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    i m searching Vendor 093A ProductID 2468\5 (my web cam driver)

    plzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzz help me sir or mam give me the link

    i don't know my cam's company

    plz i m waiting

    new user

  20. hmad

    hmad Newcomer, in training

    hi,i think what i can advise you is go back to the shop you bought it from and take it <the webcam >with you and ask ask about its software. that is all
  21. sct

    sct Newcomer, in training

    Thank you very much!!!!!!!!! I'm soooo happy!!!! I love techspot :)

    This helped me:

    Now I can use my 330MP webcam, which I could not use for 1 year after windows reinstall. CD with drivers was broken, and official sites didn't help.

    This cam was recognized as "Vendor 093A ProductID 2468", too.

    Good luck to you, guys!
  22. pradeep

    pradeep Newcomer, in training

    send me cif single chip webcam driver . I lost my webcam driver cd ..

    where search cif chip driver webcam
  23. arif

    arif Newcomer, in training


    hello all this my first time visiting your website it is gratefull for me

  24. lXl

    lXl Newcomer, in training

    Help with radio shack Gigaware 25-297 web cam driver

    I bought a gigaware webcam (model 25-297) and i can't seem to install its driver into my computer (windows XP). Everytime i attempt to do that, the installshield will run for sometime and suddenly it just disappear with only the icon on the bar next to the start menu. When i go to the windows task manager, it appears to be there but there seems to be no activity done by the program. Any Help ?
  25. Dustdevil

    Dustdevil Newcomer, in training

    CIF single Chip Web Cam / Enet Web Cam / USB w/Mic

    Hi all, 1st time post, hope it helps.
    I picked up a cheap web cam while deployed in Iraq. Lost drivers disk. Cam looks like this----
    Metalic Silverish body, Ovalish on top.
    Enet on the black plastic clip (for laptops?).
    Mic built in
    6 White LED lights on front. 3 (lens) 3
    USB connection
    Reports as -CIF single chip- in Device manger
    -Once installed it reports as a " Imaging Device - SoC PC-Camera"
    Well hours of searching later I found a working driver. Called Tiny-cam.exe Running it right now. Works fine as I can tell. 3 part to the prg AMCAM/Uninstall/VidCap. VidCap is what make the webcam work. No whittles or bells, but the cam does work!
    I've uploaded the file to a site called Rapid-share. Hope it works for you all.

    ~h t t p://
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