Clean install for XP have I done enough

By silver threads
Jan 13, 2005
  1. I am new to your boards, joined today. I need help on installing XP home. Have formatted HDD and done Fdisk - previous OS was win 98se. Have I done enough for a clean install of XP or do I need to do anything else? HDD is 40 Gig and not partitioned.
  2. monton

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    Clean install of XP Home

    I have used fdisk to delete the partitions on the old drive. Then set the cd-rom as the first boot device. But the XP disk in the drive, boot, and you are on your way.
  3. silver threads

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    Thank you Monton for your reply. You have confirmed what I needed to do. I have partitioned the Hdd but couldnt boot up from the CD so I downloaded the 6 floppies to setup XP and everything seemed fine until the XP cd found a problem with my partitioning and I had to exit setup. I think this needs a new thread as it is another problem.
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