"Clear History" greyed out in Win 2000

By CountMackulaHPT
Feb 27, 2003
  1. My Dad's work computer has "Clear History" the number of days, and "Reset Internet Options all greyed out in Internet Options in IE 6.0 + SP1 newest one in Windows 2000...i can't figure out why...all I can assume is some kind of crap his work put on it to keep the employees from being able to control it, but he's a pretty high up employee, like really high up and I dont believe they'd be able to track his internet site visits from the history alone without him knowing about it....thats besides the point though...this is not a topic for debate but rather: Does anyone know how to frickin fix this? thank you
  2. Phantasm66

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    Its possible its been switched off with group policy. I am not aware of there being such a setting, but I guess that there could be. I will check.

    If he is local administrator of his machine (i.e. his domain account is in the local administrators group) he could go into local security policy and attempt to correct the setting, however when he logged off and back on the domain controller would apply the group policy again, and he would be back to having these options switched off.

    One of the simpliest solutions is to use a non microsoft web browser, as group policy does not have any mandate over that.
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