Cleared virus but now some left over problems

By madcatmk2123
Jul 31, 2006
  1. I just recently finally got rid of a new trojan type after going thru 3 virus scanners to do it but it seems now that I cant open IE and WMP player. Everytime I try, they open for 3 secs then just close down. Any ideas on how to get them back up and running? Thanks.
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    If you post the HJT log in the Security and the Web forum,
    as discussed in your last thread,we might able to get your problem sorted.
  3. madcatmk2123

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    Too late now. After I posted that more things went wrong and windows startups took 5 minutes long so I reformatted and used a Ghost of the drive before. Only prob now is it keeps saying its not genuine and it hangs on windows startup. Also its not listed as C: but D: and the drive I was running off of for the ghost is the C: drive. Any ideas on how to fix this before I reformat this ghost image and start from scratch for the (literally) 32nd time?
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    I`m also a little confused as to what you have done.

    If the image you have is that of a a master drive with the letter C,

    and your restoring to that same master drive,the letter should be C.

    Make sure your master/slave arrangements are the same as when you
    made the image,and you computer is exactly as it was when you made the image.

    You might be able to use the fix/mbr command in the Recovery Console on the XP CD to fix the boot problem.

    Lots of useful info HERE and HERE
  5. madcatmk2123

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    Sorry for the confusion. I took the Ghost Image of the fresh install I had done about 2 weeks ago and used that to copy onto the drive now. I had used a older 30 GB HD with XP Pro on it to run the Ghost program because I had reformatted the XP Home partition on the 200GB Im using primarily since I figured Ghost would install the XP Home Image onto it's original partition and leave the other 2 alone. But it didnt happen like that and it seems Ghost has completely overwritten the 3 orginial partitions into 1 parition and listed it as "D:" when the ghost image was of the "C:" partition. So I'm about the try that Fdisk /mbr from a win98 boot disk your link suggested to fix that problem. Would bringing the drive back to C: fix these constant errors I get when using IE or little software twitches here and there? Any chance I might be able to bring back what Ghost has apparently overwritten from the other 2 partitions? Thanks for all the help. This computer has given us more problems then even full time computer technicians guys have seen.
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