Cmos error when second tft monitor atached

By nomadroaming
Dec 27, 2004
  1. Whenever my computer restarts it generates a checksum error and I have to reconfigure the CMOS. I have dual monitors, one crt and one tft. My system will not start without resetting the cmos unless i detach the tft monitor. I am running Windows XP pro service pack 2, with a ATI Rage 9800 pro graphics card. No changes to the system, Just suddenly started to happen. I can attack the monitor once XP begins to boot up, but not at restart.

    How can the monitor affect the CMOS. If I start up with just the crt atached, boot up windows and then shutdown again, everything works fine. It is only if the tft is atached that I have problems.

    Any one know what is going on?

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