Cod 4 and 5 online fps issues

By quiwa
Mar 16, 2009
  1. my specs are :
    4850 685/1100
    pentium D 915 @ 2.8 : (
    2gb mushkin ram (667) : (
    vista home prem 32-bit

    so lets start where my problems first started. Before feb 2009 I've always played on the same servers with the same settings (max with 2-5 things lowered) and same specs. and always managed to get very good smooth gameplay (aprox 80+ fps) and this was on vista home premium.

    After feb 2009 however, i decided to try out the windows 7 beta. i installed cod4 and played multiplayer and i noticed alot of lag, which forced me to lower my settings a bit, but it was still considerably laggy ( around 50-60) with a few spikes to 30 to 45. This was on the same servers btw.

    So then i attempted to go back to vista around a month later. And to my surprise, it became worst. i now get 50-60 avg and random spikes to 30 and 100s. But when i try to make a server i always get 90+.

    with desperation, i turned to windows xp pro sp2. NO LUCK. but i do avg higher, 60-70 BUT now i spike to 10 and 20 fps frequently, and it still has a very chopy gameplay to it.

    i am really out of ideas on what caused this issue. i've tried the following:
    -Port forwarding 28960 - no improvements
    -disabled some services on vista
    -i put everything on the lowest settings with 800 x 600 rez and i got 80 avg.. which is VERY fishy...

    my other info which may help:
    -my isp is bell
    -7mbps speed i think...
    -i'm in ontario, ( useless?)
    -uh my modem also serves as a router, model is... 2702HG-G
    -All my other games ( tf2,bf2,gw) dont lag at all. so i assume its something to do with the port.. ( 28960)?
    -i'm pretty sure OS isent the problem, or my Internet speed, or hardware, so i assume it has to do with my modem/router ? but i have no knowledge in these areas.
    -1.7 patch

    If anyone can help PLEASE PLEASE... i need it. i cant pwn newbs with a low fps : (
    ask away for any other info u need to help solve
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