cod uo problems

By lazerous69
Jun 30, 2005
  1. 2 problems when playing cod uo multiplayer:

    1. sometimes after downloading map from a server i get cd key invalid message-i then have to get rid of a map or 2 to get back on-the folder has 57 maps amd mods-is there a restriction as to how many maps can be in folder? is anyone else having this problem?

    2. my friend cant get the maps to download from cod uo servers. i have checked the allow downloads button on options-i have also checked his firewall and it allows other downloads when on internet. the download just stays at 0mb of 0mb downloaded and then just stalls. what else can i do to help him?

    cod uo is currently ver 1.5.1 and its runnung on a mac-which shouldnt make any major difference
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