Comp wont get past boot screen, can't determine problem. Need help.

By travh20
Aug 14, 2007
  1. I was playing Company of Heroes last night and in the middle of a game the system locked up. Not an rare occurrence, but not really common either. It locked up good so all I could do was do a hard shut down . When I restarted the computer it fired up and went to the initial screen that says ASUS as the motherboard began its thing. Well, that is as far as it got. It just hangs on that screen indefinitely. The fans and DVD drive all power up, and I can insert a CD, but all it does is make a repetitive ticking sound once the CD is in there. My keyboard does not light up and I can not enter set up by hitting delete. Anyone have any idea what my problem is? Is it motherboard or CPU? Thank you.

    Intel 6600 Dual core proc.
    2 gigs ram
    7950gt video card
  2. travh20

    travh20 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    bump please
  3. Shimm

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    ello travh,

    at a time like this - you should probably disconnect all hard drives, sound cards, usb devices, everything just so that you have the mobo processor and ram plugged into your board with a power supply connected.

    clear the cmos so the mobo goes back to the default settings, and then try a reboot

    thisll either cure the hang or itll still be there

    if still there then yeah its either mobo ram or processor - in which case use single sticks of ram one by one and reboot each time to test each stick

    unpluggin all will save you time finding the cause of the error

    hope it helps

    if your getting errors like this frequently - then i would look at re-installing windas - as it could be software causing the pc to reboot - but if its hanging from a reboot and you cant alter settings in the bios etc then it sounds like it could be a dodgy mobo or a stick of ram - hence try the above to determine which
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