Compaq Deskpro ep/sb won't detect second hard drive.

By stilesbrad
Dec 1, 2004
  1. I have a compaq deskpro ep/sb series pc running window ME w/a p650 processor. I recently bought a 20GB hard drive and cannot get my system to detect the tracks/sectors... info in the bios. The hard drive is listed, but the specs are not. There doesn't seem to be a way to change the settings in the bios manually. The current bios family is 686T2 which is dated 08-20-99. I have searched but can't find a newer version of this bios. Can anyone offer any ideas on what to try next?
  2. sgamble2

    sgamble2 TS Rookie

    RE: Compaq Deskpro ep/sb won't detect second hard drive

    Do you have one of the original Maxtor HDs that shipped with that system? If so it is a known bug that it won't detect the second HD. There is a HD firmware upgrade available to fix the problem. If you need further information let me know.
  3. Link2009

    Link2009 TS Rookie

    I get the exact same problem on Windows Home Edition..It doesn't detect my Hard-Drive but on Pro (Which I HAD TO BUY) it works..I don't understand what's wrong with it...mine's a 120 GB HD
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