Compatibility issue between Celeron D and MSI NEO2-PLS?

By Zonk
Aug 19, 2005
  1. I recently purchased an Intel Celeron D 325 CPU and a MSI 865G NEO2-PLS motherboard. After putting everything together for a new system with this motherbord and CPU, the system wont post. When the power is cut on all of the fans spin, lights turn on, I get one short beep, but nothing else happens.

    I've tried disconnecting additional drives and booting with the most minimal hardware possible, but I still get the same result. I've tried clearing the CMOS settings and have gotten the same result.

    Although I realize that this motherboard has P4 written all over it, i've seen it listed as being compatable with Celeron processors also. It's also listed as being compatable with Intel based Prescott processors (which this Celeron D is).

    Is this still possibly a compatability issue between the processor and motherboard? If so, is there a solution such as updating the BIOS to support this particular processor?

    Also, i've been trying this with 1 to 2 sticks of Ultra 512MB PC3200 DDR RAM.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 6,980   +362

    Just in case, did you supply power to the square 4 pin connector on the motherboard? I believe it's located just behind the I/O connectors.
  3. Zonk

    Zonk TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yeah. It seems that isn't the problem. :( Unless somehow one of the cables for the particular plug isn't receving the proper power, which doesn't seem too logical, but i'm at the point where I wont rule anything out.

    Here's something else to keep in mind - this particular power supply has the standard 4-pin connector (as you mentioned), but also the standard 20-pin connector is "paired" with another 4-pin connector that can basically be slid into a socket to make the 20-pin a 24-pin connector. I only need the 20-pin connector for this particular motherboard, so would it hurt if I took the "extra" 4-pin connector and plugged it into the regular 4-pin slot just to try to rule out the idea of the other 4-pin connector not receiving the proper power?
  4. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 6,980   +362

    That would be okay if it will reach.
  5. rspar

    rspar TS Rookie

    I'm no tech but if nothing happens except the power supply comes on then I'd check the installation of 1) CPU 2) Memory 3) Video Card.
  6. Zonk

    Zonk TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I've since gotten an official reply from MSI verifying that this board is not compatable with Intel Celeron D processors.

    Thanks for your replies.
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