Computer does not get to BIOS

By uber_beetle
Jun 17, 2006
  1. I've been reading the posts about computers that don't reboot or suddenly reboot for no reason. . but I can't find anything like my symptoms.

    First- system details:
    New custom built computator
    -asrock 939 dual sata2 MB with AMD 3200+ 64 processor
    -1 gig of ram
    -antec case with power supply
    -geforce 6600 gpu
    -used older model cd drive (until I loosen the wallet to buy a DVD burner)

    Now, on with the problem, hereto and forthwith:

    Initially, she just started up slow. Which progressed to getting stuck on the Windows loading screen. I found that punching reset would force a reboot and then she would load just fine.
    Not so anymore.....
    If she sits long enough (several hours) she will boot up as far as the Loading windows screen... then she gets stuck. If I punch reset, I get the following response:
    CD drive blinks 7 times, then a pause, then the keyboard lights all blink once, monitor looses it's signal and goes to sleep, .... rinse and repeat. But at no point in there do I EVER see the BIOS "Press F2 for...." or the memory test info, nor do I get a beep of any kind.

    This morning, when she booted from being cold.. I had my XP disk in and decided to do a re-install. Worked fabulously right up to the point when she needed to reboot. Then she was gone again.. blinking at me... but otherwise unresponsive.


    Please for the love of all that is sacred and good... tell me that someone out there knows how to fix this??
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