Computer keeps restarting and online game wont let me in and throws me back to window

By RealGoneKid
Dec 13, 2004
  1. Recently got a computer built for me with the sole intention of gaming. The equipment on the PC should play any game out there very easily which it does. I was playing Rome total War and my computer restarts. I turned off McAfee Anti Virus and it does improve the problem but not totally.

    Last night I downloaded Legend of Mir and tried to play the game. I got on to the loggin server ok and entered my password and ID and proceeeded to the character screen. On the final screen before entering the game I press ok to enter the game and it flashses quickly into the game then throws me back to windows. Whats going on?

    I have turned off my firewalls allowed full access both ways, turned off my anti virus and still I get kicked back to windows.

    This is so frustrating. Maybe I should go buy an off the shelf pc again never had these problems before and I am not going to mention HalfLife 2.

    Everything on the PC is normal so to speak and I have added McAfee Anti Virus, Firewall Plus and Anti Spyware.

    Oh finally the fan in the hard drive does blow alot could this be the problem?

    Please help as you all know you wait ages to get the PC you always wanted and just when you start trying to play boom nothing and left feeling dejected.

  2. Liquidlen

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    Please Do Not Double Post ,The Same Issue!
  3. Rsol

    Rsol TS Rookie

    Could be a problem with your openGL... Try updating your Drivers for your graphics... I just saw your system specs... need to try to go to the Nvidia website and download the new drivers, might help.

    Would have erased this one and posted it in the First Topic you wrote but couldn't figure out how to erase this Post.

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