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By PresChik7
Apr 14, 2009
  1. I have a problem with my computer. I have Vista and after downloading some software it starting acting up and after trying everything possible to fix it I had to do a restore from my disc. Well, at first I though all was fine but now it still isn't quite right. When I leave it running ( I have a home based business and leave it running while I work so I can check email etc) sometimes I will come back and a box will be in the middle of my screen telling me that Windows has recovered from a serious error. It is also bad to redirect me when browing the net...if I google something and click a link, I may or may not go to where I want to. I have been reading posts here and have tried using several things. I have used Avast, Avira, Malewarebytes Anti-Maleware but none of it completely fixes it. With Avast and the antimaleware, they both found one or two things which I had removed but still not 100%......Please help. I am in the process of running a scan with Avira and will try to post that log when it is done. I have attached the HijackThis log and the anti-malware log..I can't seem to find the Avast log but it removed all it found.

    Any help at this point is greatly appreciated.
  2. AudioVayne

    AudioVayne TS Rookie Posts: 99

    Problem is you're running Vista...
  3. PresChik7

    PresChik7 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I totally agree, bad thing is my XP machine just died this one came with Vista, that was before I knew better.
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