Computer running chkdsk on secondary drive

By skarmory2002
Jul 21, 2008
  1. It only does it some of the time, and it will boot up and show a Chkdsk, press any key to abort. blah blah blah. But when it does the check, it finishes in less than a minute and always finds no problems. I checked a previous thread and it said t edit the registry and modify an entry. I went to that subkey and it does not show that it is running the check. However since I have booted it up this morning it has not run it either. Seems only to happen every so often. Just kinda bugs me.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +9

    Don't have a clue, but I think it is important to figger it out. Have you tried another drive in that slot to see if there is a smoother startup?
  3. Aolish

    Aolish TS Enthusiast Posts: 171

    the same thing happened to me when i did a fresh reinstall of xp. For some very odd reason formatting my main hd some how corrupted my secondary hd. I had all my backups there. I have never had this problem ever since I touched a comptuer! I was extremely shocked that this happened. All files on my second hd were RANDOMLY corrupted. You can only imagine how extremely upset i was. The check disc eventually kicked in and attempted to recover many of the corrupted files but not all of them. Upon each check disc it recovered more and more files until it just finally stopped. Unfortunately even WITH check disc there were some files that i found still not good. I just finally decided to just take it and except my loss and am just gonna invest in an extremely big external hd and probably start over. This goes to show you that you just HAVE to backup your stuff on an external source. Any internal source is subject to eventually fail. Really upsetting.
  4. kimsland

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    On a command line (Start->Run->cmd)
    Run chkdsk /f D: (substitute D for your drive letter) and let it run to completion at least once.
    then go back and run chkntfs /d (notice chkntfs /d)
    /d Restores the machine to the default behavior
  5. CCT

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    What it sounds like is that during shutdown from time-to-time your secondary drive is being flagged as having problems and a chkdsk is then scheduled for the next boot.

    What's on it? Can you reformat? Have you tried a manufacturer's diagnostic check?
  6. raybay

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    We have seen this happen on a number of low priced Gigabyte motherboards. It turned out they were all defective, but we spend weeks trying to prove ourselves wrong.
  7. skarmory2002

    skarmory2002 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 44

    Yep tried another drive, same error.
  8. skarmory2002

    skarmory2002 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 44

    Its a bunch of music that the customer uses for his dj thing. A manufactures check returns both drives as good, no erros, in either the extended or quick tests.
  9. CCT

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    Things to try (or you may have already):

    Add the latest chipset drivers.

    Change the IDE cable for a new 80 wire 40 pin cable.

    Connect the secondary drive to the Secondary IDE controller.
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