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By traciebaca
Mar 4, 2004
  1. I need help hooking up a speaker set. I didn't get any book or instruction because I got a "good deal" at a church sale. I have a Altec Lansing ASC295. The set includes a sub-woofer and 2 speakers. I am grateful for any help you might give me.
  2. olefarte

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    These speakers are probably OEM's, and I did a Google and found this at Dell. I think this will answer your question.

    Forgot, you said ASC295. These are ACS295, hope that's what you meant.

    And, Welcome to TechSpot.
  3. Liquidlen

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    Welcome to Techspot !
    I have the same set of speakers .They sound pretty good. You didn't put much detail in your spec sheet in your profile so I'll pretend you have a sound card .At the back of the sub woofer there is a red socket that says 'spkr out'.Use the fatter wire with the red ends.Plug it there and into the satilite speaker with the control knobs on it.Plug the cream colored wire from satilite to satilite
    In the green socket '1' under input ,plug the smaller green wire with green ends , there and to the sound crd 'speakr output socket" ( this should also be green)
    There are one large knob( volume ,turn this conter clwise to reduce volume you can readjust later) and three small buttons on the top of one satilite speaker The top button pushes on/off ,push the other to adjust bass /treble
    Plug in the power and test your sound levels
  4. olefarte

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    Actually I guess I should have posted the whole set of facts at the Dell site. Look here, and check the links on that page and you will see pretty much what Liquidlen posted, with pictures.
  5. lowman

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    I have the same set of speakers and they work rather well...nothing groundbreaking, but the do the job...
  6. (=DoM=)

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    I find the fact you managed to get a set of Altec Lansing speakers from a Church Sale rather incredible.

    I know what to do when i want a new Graphics Card now, Ask the Vicar!

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