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By Rarraaz
Oct 26, 2005
  1. My brother bought some ram about a week ago and when he got it home he found out it won't work in his computer case the speeds were different. So of course he tossed it my way. So I installed I tried to boot up and see if it works but nothing showed up on the screen besides the monitor self test to say its working properly. I removed the new ram and put my old ram back in but the problam still remains I try to boot it up and nothing appears on the screen besides the monitor test then after a minute it shuts off. I can't even get it to a safe mode or anything. the mother board is a Pen 4 D915PGN model I am currently useing windows pro. My old ram combined was 512 and I attempted to put 2 512 chips in but even after I switched back to the orignal the problem still remains =/ Could anyone please help me am so lost.
  2. DonNagual

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    Let me make sure I understand you.

    You system was working fine.

    You installed some new ram that didn't work.

    Put your old ram in, and now you can't boot up with the OLD ram?

    No other changes to your system?

    I'd reseat all the parts one more time (ram, video card, sound card etc.) one more time just to be sure that nothing is loose (including your power supply connections). If that doesn't fix you up, I'd probably try resetting CMOS.
  3. Rarraaz

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    Resetting CMOS?

    Correct sir no other changes were made besides the removel of the ram. I tried reconnecting everything Hard drive,power supply, all connectors nothing worked. How would I go about resetting CMOS?
  4. Rarraaz

    Rarraaz TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well tried switching the jumper around still no luck nothing I tried seems to get it to work. It honestly looks like a video card problem but I know its not since the card works when I switched it to my other computer. Tried all possiable locations for the jumper rebooted about 50times not once have I gotten a picture on the screen, even tried 3 different monitors. =(
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