Computer wont post, or... do anything i suppose.

By Kami
Dec 26, 2004
  1. Well, Ok it does do something. Whirls the fans, spins the hard drives, and lights the leds. But thats it. (Aint it hot?)

    I recently got a new computer case (ThermalTek) and happily switched my parts from my old beat up case (hey, weve all been there.) and try to boot it up. And to my delight, It boots! I finish tweaking it a bit (Since it said somthing about a new processer installation) and rebooted. Thats where it all went wrong...

    After a reboot, wouldnt post. I got errors via sound. (System failed memory test, From that sweet ol asus girl.) No video output. I promptly swaped out my video card with a spare one i have, no success. Then the ram, nothing. Tryed clearing the CMOS and lowing the FSB (Via Jumper). Nothing. Today, i buy a brand new motherboard, processer, and ram. (I was DONE messing with it.) Switched out Powersupply, thinking it was just underpowered? No way buddy.

    Same problem. NOTHING. It spins, whirls, blinks and looks great. But no video output, and now no errors. No Beep codes, nothing. WITH BRAND NEW PARTS! :evil:

    New current specs (most likely uncompatible, im like that):
    Thermaltek case
    Asus A7N8X E Deluxe
    Amd 2800+ (Sempron =/ )
    Gforce 5700 ultra (Spare = Voodoo 2 & 5 :D)

    Thats all i have currently connected. Ive tryed different power supplys, brand new board and parts, nothing! What the crap? Any help would be greatly appreceated.

    (Happy Holidays, Yesterday.)
  2. vegasgmc

    vegasgmc TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,377

    Theres a chance that something in the case is touching the motherboard or the I/O shield is touching one of the ports. Pull put the board and PS and set them up on a table, computer with out a case, and if you can get it to boot up thats the problem.
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