computer wont turn on help please

By skatesforcandy
Aug 14, 2007
  1. okay so it all started like 3 weeks ago when my fan stopped running in my computer. this is the fan that works with the liquid cooling system. i figured i would talk to my buddy about it and have him fix it or something but until then i could probably keep on gaming.

    (i realize the stupidity in this now but then i just wanted to play man!)

    Then sunday morning...
    i was turning on my computer ready for some intense gaming when the monitor did not acknowledge my system was on.

    i had no idea what could be wrong so i researched a little and started playing around. i opened up my PC to find some blue liquid all over the place, mostly on my top video card. further investigation showed my liquid cooling system had begun leaking, what could i do but try and clean up. so i cleaned off the caked on blue **** and plugged everything in and stuck a towel under the leak and started up my computation system. Everything seemed to be working now.

    (yah again i see how retarded this seem but at the time i just wanted to play...)

    alright so today i was playin some games when quite suddenly my computer turned off. it did not shut down it just turned off. i felt around in the computer(grounded of course) and it was quite hot inside(particularly the box thing i think is the CPU). i let it all cool off then i tried to turn on my computer. nothing happened at all no lights no fans no noises. the only light i see on is a tiny red flashing light on my motherboard that seems to be flashing too rapidly to be a normal thing.

    so there u have it theres my story i wanna figure out whats wrong exactly and fix it myself (note that i am no techy and need some very detailed instructions)
    move out....
  2. Mugsy

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    I think you already know the answer to your question.
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